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Organizational Assessments

Cultivating partnerships is a cornerstone in our mission to support and elevate women and strengthen communities.

We partner with like-minded companies, policy groups and institutions that impact systems change, address policy inequities, promote mental health and wellness and raise awareness about the impacts of unresolved trauma. This effort has been vital to fulfilling our mission and to the growth and success of Sage Horizons, LLC. We accomplish much more, together.

If your organization shares the same core values as our company and has a passion to empower women and strengthen communities, let’s discuss how we can work together.

Submit your information on the Contact Us page and a Sage Horizons team member will contact you to discuss partnership opportunities.

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How It Works

Identify organizational gaps using qualitative and quantitative analyses
Review and synthesis of existing organizational data and information on current practices
Outreach to organization employees and stakeholders via anonymous surveys, focus groups, interviews
Identify barriers to an inclusive and equitable, culturally-aware trauma-informed ecosystem
Engagement Plan
Design an organizational employee-stakeholder engagement strategy
Develop proposed pathway, policy recommendations and infrastructure plan to support TIC DEIB engagement efforts
Include current context, key strenths and challenges, policies and support structures for equity and inclusion
Incorporate examples and best practice recommendations from other states and comparable organizations
Guide organizational change through an effectiv implementation strategy
Present implementation plan to employees and stakeholders for feedback, refine, finalize and adopt and share broadly
Support employees and stakeholders in new policy and operational changes through training and coaching
Partner with leaders, employees and stakeholders to detrmine how to measure success of implementation

Our Partners