Sage Horizons, LLC

Parent Education

Approaching education with an understanding of the physiological, social, emotional and academic impacts of trauma and adversity on children is driving changes in today’s education systems.

Our team understands that it is equally as important to understand that resiliency happens when students have a ‘protective factor,’ like a shield, to protect them from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This includes supporting parents to ensure they are emotionally and mentally able to provide nurturing and loving environments to their children and establish and maintain healthy relationships with their children and other family and social networks. 

With these key factors in mind, using an arts-based healing centered engagement (HCE) framework, which supports not only young people, but adult providers with their own healing, we educate parents and caregivers on:

  • ACEs, reducing stigma and creating new norms
  • Strategies to prevent ACEs and reduce their impacts
  • Enhancing parenting skills by promoting social and emotional learning (SEL)
  • Exploring ACEs to develop and maintain healthy relationships and for more effective parenting

In partnership with licensed professionals, we also offer trauma-informed therapy, traditional and non-traditional, like art therapy modalities, to support healing and create wholeness.